BolfyNg is an online marketplace that connects Nigerian puchasing organizations with businesses looking to bid on and win contracts.

Government agencies and purchasing organizations use BolfyNg to manage their bidding process online. They can publish their bid and tender notifications and distribute their bid documents through an online platform, helping them save time and resources.

Suppliers use BolfyNg to learn about bid opportunities posted directly by government agencies and purchasing organizations as well as bids researched by our staff. Instead of sifting through local papers and bulletin boards, subscribers receive automatic emails about relevant business opportunities.

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Seamlessly manage your entire bidding process through our online portal

In addition to providing a full array of industry-leading features to help you replicate your contract bidding processes online, BolfyNg also provides full-time customer support and quality control teams, as well as video tutorials, webinars, and in person training for you and your vendors.

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Finding out about opportunities to bid on government contracts and business contracts with purchasers has never been easier.

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