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What is BolfyNg?

BolfyNg is the ultimate source for tender opportunities for public and private organizations in Nigeria.  It is also a system that helps purchasers to manage their bid management process.

What does ‘BolfyNg’ stand for?

Pronounced /bōlfē/, it is the acronym for ‘Bids On Line For You’. 

How does it work?

Purchasing organizations use our solutions to manage their bid process, including posting bid notices, distributing bid documents and amendments, managing vendor lists, and much more. In addition to bids posted directly by public entities, BolfyNg also does extensive research on tenders across Nigeria to bring you the most complete and comprehensive coverage. Suppliers utilize our service to learn about business opportunities with the government.

How it works


  1. Bids get posted daily by both our clients and our internal research team. Purchasing organizations also make their bid documents available for download.
  2. Suppliers that have opted for e-mail alerts will receive daily e-mails with a list of bid opportunities that match their business profiles. Suppliers can also search the database for current and historical tenders by logging into BolfyNg.com
  3. Download bid documents on tenders posted by purchasing organizations.
  4. Suppliers will get alerted when an amendment or addendum is posted by a purchasing organizations
  5. Suppliers can ask questions to purchasing organizations via the Q&A Board
  6. Suppliers can also increase their visibility and opportunities by becoming part of an entity’s vendor list by filling out online vendor registration forms

Background Information
The main engine that drives BolfyNg was created in Canada in 1993.  It was first developed as a bid publishing and distribution service for Canadian purchasers to meet the requirements of a fair, open and transparent purchasing process based on the guidelines of the Canadian Agreement on Internal Trade (AIT). Since then, it has expanded to accept online bid submissions and to perform online evaluations.

Today, the BolfyNg engine is being used in Canada, the United States, and now Nigeria by more than 1,000 public organizations at all levels of government, as well as a network of more than 100,000 private vendors.

BolfyNg’s mission is to continue offering the best tools for buyers and suppliers through its online portal.

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