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What is BolfyNg?

BolfyNg provides an online marketplace that connects purchasing organizations with local government suppliers, along with an incredibly sophisticated back-end system that enables purchasers to seamlessly manage their entire competitive bidding process online. The BolfyNg engine is far more advanced than any other system on the market today, and our unique business model creates the potential for entrepreneurs to partner with us in opening these contract bidding portals in their local markets.

BolfyNg brings nearly 20 years of experience to the purchasing organizations & purchaser’s bidding process, and currently provides service to more than 1,000 purchasing organizations and 100,000 government suppliers through our local Canadian partner, bolfyng.com.

What types of organizations can benefit from using BolfyNg?

Purchasing organizations at every level of government, as well as school districts, universities, group purchasing organizations, and any publicly funded organization that uses a competitive bidding process to source goods, services and construction can use BolfyNg to manage every aspect of their bidding process through a central online system.

What are the advantages of using BolfyNg?

From creating interactive bid documents (iBidDocs) that bidders can fill out directly online, to registering your vendors, publishing bid notices, sending out bid invitations, distributing documents, fielding questions, issuing amendments, receiving bid submissions, and evaluating and awarding bids, BolfyNg provides you with all the tools you need to seamlessly manage your entire bidding process online.

  • Manage your entire bidding process through a single online system, or integrate components into your existing process
  • Automate tedious tasks that have traditionally been time and resource intensive
  • Save suppliers trips to your purchasing counter
  • No need to develop or maintain your own system
  • Go Green with BolfyNg’s paperless purchasing technology

What services does BolfyNg provide for my suppliers?

In addition to saving your suppliers time picking up bid documents and submitting proposals at your purchasing counter, suppliers on your Online Vendor Registry are sent automatic email notifications when you post or update a bid that matches their company profile. Suppliers who choose to pay our yearly subscription fee also have access to bid documents posted by all our purchasing partners, and receive a daily email containing all the bid notices and updates they may find relevant.


How long does it take for my organization to go live with the BolfyNg system?

Our development team can set your organization up on the BolfyNg system in about a week, so the speed of implementation really depends on your organization.

How much IT development is needed from my IT department?

Integrating BolfyNg into your existing process requires very little involvement from your IT department; we basically do all the development for you.

What are the steps to implementing the BolfyNg system in my organization?

If your organization is ready to start using BolfyNg’s paperless purchasing technology, contact us, and we will connect you with one of our representatives in your local area, who will schedule time to meet with you, answer any questions you may have, guide you through the implementation process, and provide the necessary training.

The great thing about BolfyNg is that its various components can be implemented individually, or all at once, depending on your needs.

  • Have BolfyNg build your bidding portal to meet your specifications
  • Set up your Online Vendor Application Form
  • Notify your suppliers that you are transitioning to BolfyNg’s services
  • Publish your bid notices and distribute your bid documents online
  • Go completely paperless with BolfyNg’s iBidDocs!

Customer Service & Quality Control

What kind of training do you provide?

BolfyNg provides extensive training for both its purchasing partners and their suppliers on every aspect of the system that they will need to be familiar with. Most of our training is done online through video tutorials and webinars, though we also offer on-site training.

What type of technical support do you provide?

BolfyNg provides a support team to assist purchasing organizations through every aspect of the bidding process. BolfyNg also provides technical assistance to suppliers having trouble accessing bid documents, submitting bids, or have other questions about using the system.

What is your Quality Control process?

Each bid that is submitted to BolfyNg undergoes a quality control process to insure all your bid information is consistent. The Quality Control (QC) Team goes through a check point system to ensure the bid number, name, closing date & time, and other relevant data entered into the system correspond with that of the document attached. Once the bid passes the check point system, it is approved. We don’t proofread your bid documents for content or spelling/grammar, or otherwise analyze your bid in any way.

Network Security & Storage

Is my data secure? Do you have back up servers?

All data stored on the BolfyNg system is hosted by a third-party colocation service provider designed to provide scalable fail-safe servers and storage systems to enable stable operation under any condition.

How long is information stored with your service?

BolfyNg helps you to meet Government regulations to maintain record keeping of your bid activities for a minimum of 7 years.

For a full description of our data tracking, storage, and reporting, click here.

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