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Using BolfyNg eliminates the need to publish your bids in local newspapers, and makes it easier for vendors to find your bids by enabling them to access your bids through your website while maintaining compliance with all purchasing organizations’ guidelines.

Publish Open or Closed Bids

For each bid you post, you can choose to make it an open bid, or a closed (invitation-only). Open bids can also be published on BolfyNg’s local bidding portals, where anyone can search for them, and vendors registered on the BolfyNg system whose profiles match your bid are sent automatic email notifications. You can also select vendors to notify through your Online Vendor Registry even if they are not registered on the BolfyNg network. For closed bids, only vendors you select will be notified of the bid, or be able to the view the bid and download bid documents.

Make it Easy for Your Vendors

Vendors no longer have to search through local newspapers, or periodically check your website. When they subscribe to BolfyNg, they are automatically notified when open bids that match their profiles are entered into the system.

Integrate Bid Publishing with Your Website

With a Custom Landing Page designed by BolfyNg, you can publish your bids on your website, and on your local BolfyNg bidding portal at the same time. Learn more »

Source Additional Vendors

If you are having trouble receiving an adequate number of bids for a particular bidding opportunity, or simply want to increase competition for your bids, you can tap into your local portal operator’s extensive vendor network.  We will also follow up on bid invitations via email or phone call, and our local partners will even work with you to approach vendors outside our supplier network upon request. 

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