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A Fully Automated System

One of the biggest advantages for purchasing organizations using BolfyNg is that tracking and logging correspondence with document takers, organizing the data, and creating reports for internal analysis and auditing purposes — tasks that have traditionally been tedious, and labor-intensive, but necessary to adhere to purchasing guidelines — can now be almost entirely automated with the BolfyNg system.

  • BolfyNg automatically tracks and logs all correspondence with document takers
  • Data can be easily sorted and searched
  • Custom reports can be created and saved in Excel format or printed in a matter of minutes

Data Tracking

At BolfyNg, we realize that properly tracking and logging correspondence with document takers for auditing and analysis is an incredibly important part of the purchasing process, which is why we go to great lengths to ensure that all your interaction with document takers is automatically recorded with date and time stamps. All users must be registered in the BolfyNg system (either through your organization or through one of our local bidding portals) before they can download any bid document. This way the system can track and log:

  • All bid document and amendment/addendum downloads
  • All queries from Vendors, along with responses from your organization
  • Any preconditions, such as Notices of Intent, Non-Disclosure Agreements, or Site Meetings that you require vendors to fulfill before downloading the bid documents
  • Any bid submissions made through the BolfyNg system


Data stored on the BolfyNg system is hosted by a third-party colocation service provider designed to provide scalable fail-safe servers and storage systems to enable stable operation under any condition.

  • Data stored on servers for a minimum of 7 years
  • Data backed up on tape and stored in secure facility
  • Real-time database replication, clustering, and active-active service systems
  • Managed by colocation service provider with managed service


BolfyNg enables you to create a variety of custom reports for documenting and reviewing bidders and bid activities. Include only the fields you need in the order you desire, create custom headers, add sections for notes, and populate the reports automatically using a variety of search criteria. Then either export the reports in Microsoft Excel format, or print them out.

Bid Activity Report: Summary statistics of bids, documents, amendments, document takers, bidders, and documents sold by department and time range.

Buyer Activity Report: Summary statistics of logins, bids posted, amendments posted, awards posted, and bids viewed by each Buyer in any department.

Supplier Activity Report: This report details each supplier’s activities with relation to your bid notices, documents, amendments, awards, Online Vendor Registry, etc.

Custom Reports: You can easily customize any of the above reports to meet your needs, BolfyNg can accommodate any customized reports required by purchasers

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