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Training for Purchasing Organizations

BolfyNg provides extensive training for its purchasing partners on every aspect of the system that you will need to be familiar with. We offer webinars on a regular basis, as well as easy to follow step by step guides.  We also offer on-site training for a fee.

Training for Vendors

In addition to training for our purchasing partners, we provide regular webinars for vendors as well.

Technical Support

BolfyNg provides a support team to assist purchasing organizations through every aspect of the bidding process. We also provide technical support to suppliers in need of assistance.

Quality Control

Each bid that is submitted to BolfyNg undergoes a quality control process to insure all your bid information is consistent. Each bid is checked to ensure the bid number, name, closing date and time, and other relevant data entered into the system correspond with the information in your bid document. Once the bid this check point system, it is approved.

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